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1st-2nd July 2017 - 2x CACIB show in Veľká Ida (SK) - Bju finished successfully her show career with title Slovak Veteran Champion. 


2nd July 2016 - Beauté was showed at CAC show in Veľká Ida (SK) after long showbreak with excellent result whereby has been started Veteran Championship



July 2014 - Bjorg as two and half year old


January 2013 - 1-year old Bjorg





July 2012 - 7 months old "babies" - Briona (found new home in Switzerland) and Bjorg



20.07.2012 (CAC show, Veľká Ida, SK) - Beau was at show after "B" litter for first time and she was greatly appreciated in honorary class by the judge Mr. T. Borkowski (PL), her son Bastian was "very promising" for third time.


3.1.2012 "B" litter was born (3 boys - Bon, Bjorg, Bastian and 1 girl Briona)


21.10.2010 Beauté is the Champion International de Beauté




 14.02., 20.02.2010 - Beau has been continued the assembling of CACIB titles needing for Interchampionship. Moreover, she started Polish Champion with first CWC in Rzeszów and Slovakian Grandchampion with CAC in Prešov.




15.12.2009 - further Champion title was confirmed to Beauté, that is the Slovakian Champion 


10.12.2009 - Asociatia Chinologica Romana confirmed the title Romanian Champion to Beauté


5-6 December 2009 - 2x CACIB show in Nitra (SK) - Beau completed Slovakian Championship, she got CAC and res. CAC.



14-15.11.2009 - 2x CACIB shows in Cluj Napoca (RO) - Beauté received CAC and Res. CACIB first day while she got CAC, CACIB and BOB on the second show day. She fulfilled conditions for Romanian Champion :-)


18.10. 2009 - CACIB show in Bačka Topola (SRB) - Beau was awarded CAC and CACIB by the judge Mr. Nenad Marić (SRB).


17.10.2009 - all puppies are already in new homes!


26.09.2009 - National show in Prešov (SK) - Beauté is in show ring again and won CAC (judge Ekaterina Bauzhes, RUS).



 12.06.2009 - 3 girls (Amy, Aylen, Audrey) and 2 boys (Ainsley and Ashley) were born




25.-26.04.2009 - International shows in Satu Mare (RO) - Beauté achieved one CAC and first CACIB (the judge Yolanda Nagler Magal, IL).




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